Nadine Fourré

Posted on 2012/07/07

Sculpture & Installation


” Everything starts feet under water… catching Nature alive to build an art of balance which save

guards intact the sacred into the wild. ”

Born in France, next to a cliff near the Atlantic Ocean and after my studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, I went to live 20 years in Japan.

Architecture designer in Tokyo, sharing the adventure of Takeo Kumai studio for 10 years, I was gradually immersing myself in the art of “less is more”… in contact with the stone gardens of Zen temples.

I practise Stone Balance since my return in 2000, setting up my studio in Provence, in the Alpilles chain, close to the banks of the Durance.

I exhibit my work in France for 10 years, mainly in art galleries, while creating art installations for events and festivals of contemporary art.


Binôme 2012 & Giza Giza 2011 en exposition à l’atelier d’Eygalières ( Alpilles-Provence

















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    Arigatou Gozaimasu – many Thanks – Merci beaucoup !

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